Women's History Month Design Spotlight: Chief NYC

Women's History Month Design Spotlight: Chief NYC

Chief is the only private membership network focused on connecting and supporting women executive leaders. When it comes to designing custom conference tables for upscale clients such as Chief NYC, there are a few key factors to consider
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Designer Highlight: Spruce Design Stylizes the Upper East Side

We are so excited to feature Spruce Design as our designer highlight of the month!

Spruce Designs combines style and function to set you up for success. Founded by Katie Davis, she believes that everyone deserves to have a home they are proud to show off, and she helps them bring their vision to life. 

Check out the images below for Spruce Designs' recent projects featuring FTS collections.


This Teak Root Bench was a show stopper in this Upper East Side apartment. When we saw this gorgeous bay window overlooking the water, we just knew something special needed to complete this space. 

When designing apartments, it's important that we use multi-functional pieces that will last a lifetime. We love that this bench can seat people at the dining table - but can also pull out to face the living room to provide extra seats for a party or movie night. Bonus points that it's such a conversational piece - perfect for hosting guests! 

What sets Spruce apart is our unique ability to utilize both organization and design to create functional spaces for our residential clients. Being a New Yorker means you have to get creative with your square footage in order to meet your everyday needs, which can make it tricky to keep your home looking magazine-worthy! Most New Yorkers don't have the basements, attics, playrooms, extra closets, hallways, foyers, and laundry rooms that Suburban residents have.. but that doesn't mean they should have to sacrifice aesthetic! A perfect example is this disguised litter box behind the bench. The top flips open to clean, and the left side is a ramp entrance for the kitty - but this way it doesn't have to be an eyesore behind the beautiful root bench


In addition to residential spaces, we also design commercial offices and we love how customizable the pieces are at From the Source. Their ability to hand pick slabs, add power sources, and customize size and shapes allows us to take corporate spaces from sterile and bland to interesting and inviting! 

This completely custom conference table and the custom nesting tables bring such warmth and character to this office located in Rockefeller Plaza, and our clients love that they are one-of-a-kind.

For more information regarding custom projects or requests please contact sales@ftsny.com.


Katie Davis,
Founder of Spruce Designs
If you're like me, your days are fast-paced, relentless, and the to-do list truly never ends... which makes having a home that comforts and recharges you so important. Whether it's winding down after a long day, enjoying your coffee first thing in the morning, or hosting family and friends on the weekends - your home should bring you peace and comfort. I believe everyone deserves to have a home they're proud to show off, but I know not everyone has the time to make that happen. 

I started my interior design + organization business because I've always had a passion for making people feel at home. My goal is to bring luxury design services to any client - no matter their style or budget.
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Set in the cultural capital of New York City, Boutique Design New York (BDNY) at the Javits Center connects boutique hospitality brands and designers with exceptional vendors, insider experiences, and hospitality products not found anywhere else, and this year was no exception.

For this year's booth design, we decided to highlight some of our favorite Teak root products which embodied our comprehensive concept "Rooted in Sustainable Design."

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A Reclaimed Dream Kitchen

A Reclaimed Dream Kitchen

Deep within the heart of Brooklyn, we've taken a client's request for a sustainable and minimalistic kitchen renovation and created their reclaimed dream kitchen. By using repurposed teak wood panels and iron from recycled oil barrels to overhaul this blank canvas into an inviting kitchen space. 
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Designer Highlight: Brooklinteriors Brings Interiors to Life

Designer Highlight: Brooklinteriors Brings Interiors to Life

We are proud to showcase Brooklinteriors as our designer highlight of the month!

Three beautiful home interiors have been brought to life by Brooklinteriors and all three feature From the Source, sustainably sourced pieces. 

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Happy World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year to remind people about the importance of nature. This year's theme is Ecosystem Restoration. 

From the Source is inspired by nature and committed to preserving the environment. 

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Creating the Perfect Work From Home Office featuring Jennifer Callahan

Over the past year, we have all learned that working from home without a designated work station space, can leave you feeling drained and uninspired. Which is why we decided to assist Jennifer Callahan of Simply Spaced in creating her own personalized and minimal WFH setup.
Featuring our Teak wood Ciao + Reef Desk with Drawer Space, a natural leather Grasshopper dining chair, along with some matching Teak wood Ciao shelves, and along her designer, Dany of Spatial Solutions, we were able to create a one of a kind space that fit her LA home studio perfectly. 
"Dany suggested From the Source, known for their sustainably sourced hardwood furniture. I wanted the desk to be high quality, eco-friendly, and well-made and was happy to find out that they create small-batch, handcrafted furniture with reclaimed materials." - Jennifer Callahan

Be sure to check out Jennifer's full article My Minimal WFH Desk Setup on her lifestyle blog, Love Lulu.
From the Source features ready made desks, as well as live-edge hardwood tops and bases so you can design your own!  Download our Build Your Own Desk guide for more information.

For questions or to order product, please contact sales@ftsny.com.
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House Beautiful Feature

Last month we were featured as one of House Beautiful's "22 Awesome Furniture Stores in NYC." They mention that within NYC, there is such a wide variety of options for unique furniture at every budget and they want to help people broaden their outlook past massive corporate companies like Ikea.

From beautiful showrooms to vintage boutiques, here's what they had to say about us:

"From The Source is the furniture store for you if you're also concerned about environmental preservation. The brand is all about home goods that are socially responsible, and takes care to source raw materials and "connect people to their environment through design," according to their mission."

Read the full article here.

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Introducing the Solid Wood Sit-to-Stand FLYTE Desk

Introducing the Solid Wood Sit-to-Stand FLYTE Desk

Go onward and upward with our new solid wood Sit-to-Stand FLYTE Desk. This multifunctional desk features a solid wood top and an electric-powered steel base which allows you to adjust the height from a seated to standing position at the push of a button.
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The 2020 Kingston Design ShowHouse

The 2020 Kingston Design ShowHouse

Perched within the picturesque Hudson Valley of upstate New York, this year's third annual Kingston Design ShowHouse highlighted local designers, artists and contractors, allowing them to artfully construct indoor and outdoor spaces throughout a 4,000-square-foot Italianate Gothic home.
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We're Back and Better Than Ever

We are very excited to announce that with NYC moving into Phase II of our economic reopening, our Chelsea showroom, located at 132 W 18th Street, New York, NY 10011, will reopen to the public. 

With all of the necessary COVID safety precautions in place (see below for details) we will once again open our doors on Saturday, June 27, 2020.

Updated store hours are as follows:

Tuesday - Sunday from 10am - 6pm

We will also offer:

Counter and curbside pickup for web and phone orders.
Virtual and in-person design consultations with a specialist (please call to schedule.)

For more information or questions about our reopening, please contact sales@ftsny.com.


We will be showcasing our newly arrived accessories plus live edge dining tables and tops!


COVID Precautions: Help Keep Everyone Safe

  • Upon entering the showroom, please practice social distancing by keeping six (6) feet of distance between yourself and others while inside the showroom and while waiting on line to enter.
  • You must be wearing a face covering to enter the showroom. If you do not have one, one will be provided before you enter.
  • Hand sanitizer or gloves will be provided upon entering the showroom.
  • Observe the 6ft markers and follow any one way signs. 
  • We encourage touchless payment options (cards accepted, no cash payments at this time.) 
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How to Build Your Own Custom Storage Unit


Looking to elevate your space with a handcrafted storage system, but aren't sure how it would look or fit in your home? Let our Apollo Builder help!

The Apollo Builder allows you to digitally construct a custom storage unit that can fit in any space. Just measure the area where you would like your unit to go, then visit our Apollo Builder to see what options you have!

With a wide range of components, the Apollo provides an unlimited storage and display solutions limited only by your imagination :)

For help constructing your storage unit, please contact sales@ftsny.com.



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