Happy Earth Day! 🌎

Happy Earth Day! 🌎


To us, Earth Day is everyday. Our focus is always on sustainable conscious design. Through our inventive use of upcycled materials we create collections that stand the test of time. 

Recycling and upcycling are both methods used to reduce waste and promote sustainability but their approach and outcomes are very different. Recycling involves breaking down used materials and turning them into new products, while upcycling takes used materials and repurpose them into something of higher value.

From the Source features products made via the upcycling process, including our Lancar, Pele and Grasshopper Rubber collections.




The Pele Collection

Oil Drums are steel cylindrical barrels. The traditional steel drum is made from carbon steel, due to its endurance and strength. 

From The Source has reimagined and upcycled the raw steel material into our Pele collection featuring colorful seating options, and the Lancar Collection with textured detailing which dates back to their previous industrial lives.

From the Source has saved over 1500 oil drums and counting from landfills.

1 Oil Barrel = 6 Chairs



The Lancar Collection:

The Lancar Collection is an example of how recycled oil drums can be used to create functional pieces, such as cabinetry.

The beauty of the Lancar collection comes down to surface texture.

You can see all of the details that appear due to the hand hammering process used by our craftsmen, which date back to their previous industrial lives.




The Grasshopper Collection

While our Grasshopper collections several types of materials, our Grasshopper Rubber pieces feature rubber that has been stripped from old discarded tires and is meticulously hand crafted by artisans.

From individually washing, slicing and weaving each rubber strap to securing the brass tacks in place to create a beautifully woven seat, the Grasshopper collection has been a favorite of our customers for years.



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