Sustainably Sourced + Ethically Made

Sustainably Sourced + Ethically Made

As makers of sustainably sourced and ethically made furniture, our goal has always been to create with environmental preservation in mind. 

Here are some of the ways we celebrate Earth Day everyday:

- Using repurposed and reclaimed materials wherever possible in our collections, including recycled oil barrels, recycled rubber from tires, and reclaimed teak wood salvaged from old buildings. 

- Began the Indonesian Tree Planting Project, where we donated, planted and are currently monitoring over 500 trees in Central Java, Indonesia.

- Working alongside the villagers in Indonesia to help provide jobs and give back to the community.  

- Our products are also GreenGuard and Indonesian Legal Wood certified.


Before: Repurposed Oil Barrels
After: Pele Collection
Before: Recycled rubber from tires
After: Grasshopper Rubber Seating Collection
Before: Reclaimed teak wood salvaged from old buildings
After: Lurus Reclaimed Teak Top
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