Eco-Balance Luxury Woodworks


FROM THE SOURCE commit on eco-friendly practices in luxury products. 

We are a global company, with the creative power coming from New York and conscious with materials we use and our best craft from Java Island, Indonesia. A spark to create a new product is born at the “source” of natural materials and lit by inspiration of the great NYC itself.


Plantation Materials

From the Source work with our local village farmers for the last 20 years. When the trees mature in about 25 years. After the tree gets harvested, the farmer will replant a baby tree at the same location. The farmers own the same amount of trees in their land for generations.


Reclaimed Materials - Oil Drums, Repurposed.

It's our mission of using eco-friendly, repurposed and reused materials. We believe it is important to do our part as manufacturers to help reduce emissions, waste and think of using materials in new ways. 

A fresh take on iconic designs, the new Pele & Javier Collection is rejuvenated by creative reuse. Recycled oil drums become festive chairs and stools. Traditional recycling of oil drums is a machine driven, high-energy process involving large amounts of water, power, and chemicals. Our sustainably built furniture embraces the local culture of reuse; Indonesian artisans transform the recovered drums with minimal processing, using little more than shears and grinders. The bright colors and graphics are preserved to become part of the design. Selecting and combining the patterns and colors with an artful eye, they shape the panels and weld them to a steel frame. The vibrant motifs offer a reminder of their past use, even as they take on a new form.

The past becomes the future - and a modern seat is born.




By having full control of our production process and through using low technology manufacturing, FROM THE SOURCE is able to hand select the material and produce unique, handcrafted items in small batch runs while maintaining the flexibility needed to produce larger scale projects. From the hand selection of hardwood planks to the use of traditional sand casting techniques to create solid iron pieces, a very high level of craftsmanship is upheld and shines through in everything we produce. In addition to our product lines, FROM THE SOURCE offers a wide array of design and manufacturing services. Our furniture design services include modifications to our product line as well as development for fully custom designs. Our talented staff at our New York warehouse allows for shorter lead times on modifications and specialty finishes. 










FROM THE SOURCE chose to represent itself with a logo that represents our commitment towards environmental awareness in the encounter of contemporary design with organic materials and fair trade practices.