Sustainably Designed

FROM THE SOURCE is a complete vertical venture in that we design, source, mill, dry and manufacture all of our own products at our factory in Indonesia. Using premium hardwoods from the local village farmers that plantation for generations. we work with families and community members that have been practicing production methods, such as fine woodworking, welding and hand carving. These traditions and relationships are what has helped build the community and shape our brand and vision for the future.

Reclaimed Materials 

It's our mission of using eco-friendly, repurposed and reused materials. We believe it is important to do our part as manufacturers to help reduce emissions, waste and think of using materials in new ways. We have created collections such as the Lancar, Pele and Grasshopper, which breathe new life to used materials as beautiful pieces of furniture.  



By having full control of our production process and through using low technology manufacturing, FROM THE SOURCE is able to hand select the material and produce unique, handcrafted items in small batch runs while maintaining the flexibility needed to produce larger scale projects. From the hand selection of hardwood planks to the use of traditional sand casting techniques to create solid iron pieces, a very high level of craftsmanship is upheld and shines through in everything we produce. In addition to our product lines, FROM THE SOURCE offers a wide array of design and manufacturing services. Our furniture design services include modifications to our product line as well as development for fully custom designs. Our talented staff at our New York warehouse allows for shorter lead times on modifications and specialty finishes. 


FROM THE SOURCE chose to represent itself with a logo that represents our commitment towards environmental awareness in the encounter of contemporary design with organic materials and fair trade practices.