Reef + Umbrella Dining Table


A refined dining table base available in brushed stainless steel or with a natural iron finish, the Umbrella Base is clean, modern, and perfectly suited for round or square tops. Topped in circular perfection with the Reef Top in solid Teak wood.

    Width: 30"
    Depth: 30"
    Height: 29.5"

    These products can be sold separately see Reef Tops and Umbrella Bases


    General Care Instructions:

    Wipe regularly with a soft dry cloth; clean spills promptly.

    Finishes are impacted by using harsh chemicals; we recommend cleaning with diluted Murphy's Oil Soap.

    Avoid using Pledge and avoid any cleaning products abrasives, alcohol, silicone, ammonia or wax. 

    Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, heat source or moisture. Use coasters to protect furniture.

    For advanced tips on how to care for specific finishes, please visit here.