Robert "Bob" Fireman

In Loving Memory


Robert Fireman 1936 - 2015


As a young boy in the early 1940's, Bob sold fish supplies through ads in comic books. Graduating CCNY with a BS in Physics, and an MS from the Stevens Institute of Technology, Bob was recruited as a 'Computer Systems Analyst' during the dawn of computing in the 1960's. His colleagues described his mind as "brilliant".  

Bob opened up a craft store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan during the 1970's. His shop became a well-known source of "functional" and "affordable" art work.

A serial entrepreneur, Bob ventured into the Futon business in 1980. Attempting to meet the demand of his customers, he sought out futon frames made from Oak. He found a factory in Tennessee who could produce his futons, yet in a despairing way, almost everything they made broke apart.

In the quest for a higher quality product, Bob went on to hold several patents improving futon functionality and personally sourcing factories in South America and Asia. By 1986 his store "Futon Gallery" was the largest futon store in New York City and branded him as a pioneer of the industry.

Continuing to design and produce futons for over a decade,  he developed a strong and intimate relationship with the people of Indonesia. Bob discovered the beautiful handcrafts created by the local people, and in turn felt inspired to support their livelihoods and creativity by fabricating his designs with them.

Bob fell in love with not only the people, but the beautiful and unique hardwoods of Indonesia. His ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and hardworking personality led to his largest  and most recent passion of what is known today as 'From The Source'. Today From the Source employs approximately 80 individuals in the Central Java, providing job training, medical care, meals, and other benefits to ensure their welfare and the well-being of their families. 

Bob's legacy reaches far beyond Brooklyn; he will be long remembered as a leader, always charting new territories. He leaves behind his wife of 49 years, his daughter, son in law, two grandchildren, brother, his wife's siblings and spouses and beloved nieces, nephews and cousins in addition to his cherished friends from all over the world.

Hugs to one and all,
From the Source team. 


A Message from the Indonesian team:

"Our deep condolence, it's a very very big lost for us.

he's not only boss, but he's also a father, teacher, and our best friend. he has shown and taught us many things in life, he always there in our critical periods.
we will miss every moment we spent together with him, he will always stays in our heart, and we will always bring him in our prayer. we will continue all the good things he had left to us
may he rest in peace, and may God put him in a best place"
with much love
PT. Liform Indonesia Team


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