Miniwiz Polli-ber Brick

From the Source is excited to announce our partnership with Miniwiz dedicated to bringing new sustainable products to our customers. Miniwiz is a research and development team based out of Taiwan with a focus on turning post-consumer waste into high performance materials

Available now is the the Polli-Ber™ brick 100% chemical-free, it is built of a new type of composite made from loop-economy materials and agricultural waste. It emphasizes sustainability by combining user generated plastic waste with unusable agricultural waste, to give a new choice of plastic for environment and cost-conscious consumers.

Each Polli-Ber™ brick connects to one another without the use of any mortar. The patented interlocking mechanism allows it to connect vertically, horizontally, and even at an angle. Connections are made by either connecting pins or by clicking the bricks together at their sides.

Bricks are naturally a translucent brown color but also inherit the colors of the lights around them.


Self Interlocking
Horizontal & vertical interlocking mechanism

Requires no further structure

Interior & Exterior
Suitable for all around solutions


UV / Flame resistant
No increased fire hazard, customizable to specs

For internal or back lighting

100% Chemical Free / Recycled Plastic
Made from many agricultural wastes and
polystyrene such as recycled CD cases. 

Meets requirements on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). All materials used for fabrication release no harmful quantities of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), making it suitable for use in children's and babies rooms, and safe for pets. A great room divider for ny city living!

The bricks are made from Recycled plastic from old CD cases and other like products made from that type of plastic (polystyrene).





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