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Thistle Pendant Lamp

Thistle Pendant Lamp


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Inspired by the Scottish national flower and intriguing art of origami and paper cut, this collection is the designer's homage to his memories in Scotland. Glimpses of light piercing through its geometric pattern, creating dynamic and interesting play of light and shadow.

Material: Folded Paper / Black or White

Width: 21.2"
Depth: 21.2"

Height: 12.6"

Designer:  Ong Cen Kuang 

Details: Comes with Teak wood canopy and 6 foot cord. Machine Washable Shades. Ong Cen Kuang lighting is both CE certified (European Standard) and UL Listed (for US contractors.)

Recommended Bulb / Wattage Type: Ecosmart LED 60 Watt Soft White.

Tear Sheet: Thistle Pendant Lamp

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