Teak Root Planters


Handcrafted from Teak Root, these planters are uniquely individual from one another yet share the same dimensions. (12" version shown.)

Material: Teak Wood / Clear Oil Matte Finish

Width: 12" / 16"

Depth: 12" / 16"

Height: 10" / 14"

Details: Outdoor Grade. Unique item. Each item varies slightly in shape in size. We will choose one for you. 


General Outdoor Care Instructions:

Wipe regularly with a soft dry cloth; clean spills promptly.

Finishes are impacted by using harsh chemicals; we recommend cleaning with diluted Murphy's Oil Soap.

Avoid using Pledge and avoid any cleaning products abrasives, alcohol, silicone, ammonia or wax. 

Keep furniture covered during off-season or inclement weather. Use coasters to protect furniture. 

For advanced tips on how to care for specific finishes, please visit here.