Today’s Obsession: Bleached Mango Top + Wish Base Dining Table


One of our sexiest pieces to date, the custom finish bleached mango slab top and Wish base dining table was brought to its new home, styled to perfection and we are obsessed.

Highlighted by creamy white walls, black stained oak dining chairs, custom lighting pieces and copper accents, this bleached mango dining table is an elegant addition to any well decorated space.

The custom 120” x 46” top was constructed by joining two mango slabs together. One of our signature items, our Mango Slabs are cut from one piece of solid mango wood and possesses a natural live edge on each side. Intended to resonate with the characteristics of our Cast Iron bases, these slab tops pair beautifully with our Wish bases.

Once joined, the slabs were bleached and placed atop a pair of sand cast Wish bases. The Wish bases are made entirely of Cast Iron and work perfectly for larger, heavier table tops. Their mid-century design was inspired by shape of a wishbone. The bleached finish is also part of FROM THE SOURCE's new offering of custom finishes.



Ordered by high-end interior design firm and design shop, Consort, they sent this massive beauty to one of their notable clients.  

Some may wonder, how would you fit a 10' dining table through a door and into an apartment? By having a very resourceful designer on hand. Consort’s East Coast Senior Designer, Tyson Ness, is just that. With the help of highly-end residential movers, The Velvet Touch, and after receiving approval from the building, Ness directed the team to escort the 10” table into the building, lower the table on top of the elevator and down the elevator shaft, safely into the client's home. 


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