A Reclaimed Dream Kitchen

A Reclaimed Dream Kitchen

Deep within the heart of Brooklyn, we've taken a client's request for a sustainable and minimalistic kitchen renovation and created their reclaimed dream kitchen. By using repurposed teak wood panels and iron from recycled oil barrels to overhaul this blank canvas into an inviting kitchen space. 

The design was focused around the client's specific storage and functionality needs. With the goal of maximizing storage space while maintaining the key kitchen appliances and highlighting the reclaimed materials themselves, we were able to create a balance of modern design and artistic functionality.


Above: Kitchen area prior to any renovations. 

Above: Reclaimed iron Cabinet modified from our Lancar Collection beside one of our large Erosion Bowls hand carved from Teak root.


The renovation materials include reclaimed teak wood panels and our iron Lancar cabinets made from recycled oil barrels.

The cabinets' key features are that they allow unsightly kitchen accessories like brooms and kitchen supplies, to be concealed out of view. Being that the client loves to cook with their family, a massive spice rack is hidden within the cabinetry and allows for their large collection of spices to be handy but also out of sight.

Lastly, the client's goal was to showcase the natural beauty of the materials as much as possible, while also keeping the surfaces clean and streamlined, any hardware like knobs or pulls were not used so as not to distract from the overall minimalistic design.



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