Perfect Gift Ideas for Dad

Robert Fireman


Father's Day is quickly approaching and we know gift shopping can sometimes be put off until the very last minute. No worries - we've curated some of our favorite father-approved items for every Dad.

The Outdoorsman 
If he enjoys spending the weekends outdoors, why not help bring his outdoor vision to life with a stunning functional Teak Root Ball Side Table that will brighten up any patio or poolside deck. 

Teak Root Ball Side Table


The Musician
Whether he plays the piano, guitar or the drums, or just has a passion for music, The Musician is a true entertainer and will always appreciate a new instrument. The tinted mahogany Kajon Drum doubles as a small table and percussion instrument, of which you can play with brushes, sticks, or your hands. 


Kajon Drum


The Lounger
After working all week, The Lounger revels in the thought of coming home to some peace and quiet. The Slade Rocker puts a modern twist on the classic rocking chair. Made from solid mixed teak hardwood and natural iron, what better place to unwind and enjoy a cocktail?

Slade Rocker


The Griller
A host at heart, The Griller enjoys dining and creating delicious meals that bring families together. We recommend the Cast Iron Griddle Pan. Throw it on the barbecue or use it on the stove top; The Cast Iron Griddle Pan is also an essential for outdoor grilling and camping trips.

Cast Iron Griddle Pan 


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