2019 Home Furnishings Holiday Gift Guide

We've pulled together some of our best selling and most popular gift ideas, with options under $300, $100 and $50, to help ease the annual stress of holiday shopping :)




Under $300

Blacksaw, The Siempre Throw, $298

Erosion Teak Root Bowl, $275

Onyx Table Lamp, $250

Slowdown, The December Throw, $230

Woven Stacking Bowls with Lid, $125




Under $100

Wall Mounted Organizer, $75

Corinth Candela’s Holder Set, $65

Christy Waterfall Stand, $60

Striped Azure Short Pot, $58

Escapist Votive Mini Candle Set, $55




Under $50

Teak Measuring Cup Set, $46

Petrified Wood Coaster, $45

Escapist Kyoto Candle, $38

Brass Measuring Spoon Set, $25

Teak Strainer Spoon, $16



For more information about products or purchasing,

please contact your FROM THE SOURCE sales representative at 212 255 9209 or email sales@ftsny.com.


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