Happy World Environment Day


World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year to remind people about the importance of nature. This year's theme is Ecosystem Restoration. 

From the Source is inspired by nature and committed to preserving the environment. 

As a part of our sustainability strategy, we work with Indonesian communities year round, to help replant trees and maintain current growths from previous years. In addition, we are sure to repurpose as many of our materials as possible. From the reclaimed teak wood in our table tops to recycled iron used to create our one of a kind bases, our goal is to help preserve and rehabilitate the environment in any way we can.

Ever wonder what we do with the left over scraps from making our benches, chairs, etc? We create our accessories! Because we don't want a single piece of our beautiful hardwoods to go to waste. Please see below for our reclaimed and recycled collections.

For more information please contact our showroom at 212 255 9209 or visit us at ftsny.com


 The Lancar Collection Produced from Recycled Oil Drums


Canyon Mirror Constructed with Pieces of Left Over Hardwood


Grasshopper Collection Featuring Repurposed Rubber


 Kai Solid Reclaimed Wood Desk


Lurus Reclaimed Teak Table Tops 


Ace Bases Made from Repurposed Iron


Pele Collection Produced from Recycled Oil Drums

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