Boutique Design New York (BDNY) Wrap Up: Breakout Trends + Our Favorite Items

As the final days of the eighth annual Boutique Design Trade Fair in New York (BDNY) have come to a close, FROM THE SOURCE was thrilled to have been a part of this vibrant design and hospitality event.

After two full days of networking with industry gurus and observing innovative displays at exhibitor booths, our team left with a mind full of inspiration.  

Below we have compiled some of our newly released items, as well as listed several exciting new industry trends which we are excited to see within the hospitality world.

Emerging Hospitality Trends

This year's BDNY was largely focused on experiential hospitality design, with Hospitality MegaTrends Panels spewing industry insight, which led to some of our favorite observations including:

  • Micro Hotels, are characterized by innovative design in freakishly small spaces. Highlighted by tech-friendly features and multi functional storage pieces, these modular hotel rooms are popping up all over NYC.
    • Our Apollo Modular System boasts space saving capabilities which combine storage, plus desk and media space into one stylish unit.
  • Biophilic Design Structures, that highlight the connections between people and nature throughout our spaces by creating organic patterns and natural light areas that help blend outdoor landscapes into interior spaces.
    • See our Rubic Coffee Table which allows for the interplay of light through the natural iron honeycomb pattern.
  • Design for 1, industry data stated that there has been a 60% increase in single bookings for diners and travelers which has led to the expansion of communal table design and bench like seating for individuals looking to dine solo.
  • Disruptive Global Retail Brands, such as Fendi and Equinox, are branching into the hospitality industry with new hotels designed as ultimate destination experiences with high-end furnishings and are set to open by 2019.
    • Please see our *Ikan Bed with Kali Headboard will soon be making their debut at several emerging hotel spaces throughout the tristate area.

*Item not displayed at BDNY.

Check out our BDNY Wrap Up video here

The Apollo Modular System

During BDNY one of our most asked about items was The Apollo Modular System.

The Apollo is our modular unit which provides storage and display solutions with countless configuration possibilities. With a wide range of components, the Apollo can be designed for office, retail and residential applications.

Choose from one of our suggested combinations or build your own. Bring your dream storage unit to life by combining premium hardwood components, such as shelves, storage units and desks, with hand crafted finishes for an elegant storage solution.

For our Trade accounts, the Apollo is available with stock options or for special orders in the following materials and finishes, as displayed at BDNY:

Stock Materials: Teak / Teak Tint

Special Order Material: Mindi

Special Order Finishes: Natural / Smoke / Charred   


Try Our Apollo Builder App

Build your own Apollo unit via our Apollo Builder and create a variety of combinations for any of your storage needs! 

Disclaimer: For optimal usage, the Apollo Builder works best on desktop monitors and laptop monitors over 15 inches. Usage not preferable on tablets or mobile devices. Minimum System Requirements: screen resolution of 1600 x 1200 and over.

For more information on any of the above products, please contact your FROM THE SOURCE sales representative or

From The Source is a manufacturer of premium designed furniture and functional objects. Our mission is to bring our customers closer to the environment through uniquely designed furniture that open your space to the world.

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