Apollo System: Living Room with Media Storage



The Apollo System: Living Room with Media Storage configuration is composed of a a Ciao desk top, Ciao Dropdown unit, or a Ciao Perforated Sliding Door and Ciao Shelves , which are all held in place by our 90" and 36" iron Verticals and secured by iron brackets. Remove the hang bar and add more shelves for additional storage. The desk can also be raised to transform this into a sitting or standing workstation.  

Component Material: Available in Teak Wood / Natural Finish or Teak Wood / Tinted Finish. 

Width: 96"
Depth: 16"
Height: 90"

Details: Setup is fully customizable. Slight variation in natural wood will occur. Model shown has Teak wood with natural finish components, iron brackets, and iron vertical posts.

Please see our Apollo Builder Component List for a printable PDF of all component products within this system.


General Care Instructions:

Wipe regularly with a soft dry cloth; clean spills promptly.

Finishes are impacted by using harsh chemicals; we recommend cleaning with diluted Murphy's Oil Soap.

Avoid using Pledge and avoid any cleaning products abrasives, alcohol, silicone, ammonia or wax. 

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, heat source or moisture. Use coasters to protect furniture.

For advanced tips on how to care for specific finishes, please visit here.


The Apollo Modular System provides storage and display solutions with countless configuration possibilities. With a wide range of components, the Apollo can be designed for office, retail, and residential applications.

Choose from one of our suggested configurations or build your own. Bring your dream storage unit to life by combining premium hardwood components, such as shelves, storage units and desks, with hand crafted finishes for an elegant storage solution.


Try our Apollo Builder to create custom configurations!